Making Time to Unwind

The Mom Life is a busy one, no doubt about it. But its not very realistic for any of us to expect to be able to go-go-go and then hop into bed and promptly fall asleep, right? I mean, we probably have a little routine when we want(ed) our kidlets to fall asleep and this is your gentle reminder to do the same for yourself!

Unwind time is the signal we send to our bodies that we are preparing to rest and it can be super simple or elaborate if you like! As I always say, not only are our circumstances different, but while we are all made from the same stuff, we are all put together a bit differently… so its best to Be True to YOU and to figure out how you unwind best.

Whenever possible, and it is possible although perhaps not always easy, shutting down screens an hour prior to bedtime is highly recommended – for moms and kids alike! Screens of all sorts can be overstimulating for the brain and the blue light that is often emitted from them can disrupt our sleep cycle. If you can’t completely eliminate screens before bed please search for the options to change the display to “night mode” which is usually a warmer, dimmer light.

Speaking of dimming lights, that is a good idea as well. Turn off the super bright lights in your home an hour or so before tucking into bed to create a cozier more restful environment. This also simulates the natural flow of day and night which factors into our body’s circadian rhythm.

With screens off (hopefully!) you can spend time alone or with the kids reading, listening to some music, or playing cards or board games. Bathtime before bed is also a highly recommended way to unwind and prepare for sleep, just be mindful that you don’t have the water too too hot as that can overstimulate as well.

Personally, my unwind time looks like this these days: because I work on my coaching business for an hour or two after dinner. Pyjama time follows work (I rarely work in PJs) and I do my best to have most of the lights off or dimmed and the radio or TV turned off. Then I get comfy on the couch with a blanket and a tiny snack like almonds. I knit, read or listen to an audio book or podcast for 45 minutes before my regular bedtime (remember my previous suggestions this week about regular sleep and wake times?). My brain and body are in the habit of knowing that sleep almost always follows this sequence so falling asleep is the next logical step and it usually happens quite quickly.

If you don’t already have an unwind time habit I highly recommend beginning ASAP. Its the little steps like these that we make on a consistent basis that set us up for success!

Making some simple changes to their daily habits to help support better quality sleep on the regular is something I work on with moms in my online coaching program, The Real Life Reset System. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, I’d love to chat with you some more! I offer free 30-minute Mom Life Clarity Calls and regardless of whether you choose to work with me or decide to wait, you’ll leave the call with a better handle on what your best “next steps” will be.  Book your free Mom Life Clarity Call here.

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