It’s Time to Get Moving!

It seems like it wouldn’t make sense, right? I mean, you’re wiped-out tired, barely enough energy to get through the day and someone is telling you that you should exercise ?!?

I get it, I’ve totally been there and honestly there are still days that hit like that in my life. But what I’ve learned over the years is that when I’m feeling exhausted, getting myself moving is usually EXACTLY what I need to do!

Why?  Really… why???

Well, exercising not only improves your energy levels YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, but it also helps improve your overall health and sense of wellbeing… including your mood!  I know I always feel better emotionally after I’ve gotten myself moving.

Finding a type of physical activity that works for YOU is key.  If you’ve been in my world for awhile now you’ve likely heard me say “we’re all built from the same stuff, but we’re all put together a little bit differently.”  And that’s a thing. In addition to our individual life circumstances that will have an influence on what type of exercise we gravitate to naturally and what we will be able to actually do.

Be True to YOU! That’s how I roll in my own life and in my coaching practice. (It’s also the name of my new podcast!)  There are 4 cornerstones to wellness that I work with:  Movement (physical activity), Sleep, Fueling Your Body, and Mindset and while those remain constant with everyone I work with, there are a variety of ways to incorporate them to suit everyone’s individual needs.

Yes, your friends might swear by trail running, but your knees simply can’t take it without aching for days… okay, how about a lower impact version and you go walking instead?  Running isn’t really my thing, but I will go for miles and miles power walking through my neighbourhood or hiking the park trails near my home.

Some of my besties absolutely LOVE hitting the gym and lifting what seems to me mindboggling weights.  I have super cute hot pink 2lb hand weights that I keep in the living room so I can do some light reps while I’m watching TV or listening to an audiobook.  We’re all doing some strength training, albeit mine is quite low-key, just in ways that work for and appeal to each of us.

Okay, so you’re tired and I’m saying Get Moving!  Here’s why.

Exercise can do great things for you like:
* increase your endorphin levels
* improve your heart health
* help improve the QUALITY of the SLEEP you get (OMG, this one, right?!?!)
* sharpen your sense of clarity and mental focus
* and it can have a positive affect on your overall mood and disposition.

So put your thinking cap on. How can you start moving more in your daily life?  Pick something simple to start with so you can keep going and keep growing in your journey to improve your health.

Always from the heart,

Making some simple changes to their daily habits to help improve energy levels and ditch daily exhaustion on the regular is something I work on with moms in my online coaching program, The Real Life Reset System. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, I’d love to chat with you some more! I offer free 30-minute Mom Life Clarity Calls and regardless of whether you choose to work with me or decide to wait, you’ll leave the call with a better handle on what your best “next steps” will be.  Book your free Mom Life Clarity Call here.

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