All Things Green… and what does that mean?

When I mention “green things,” what do you think of first?

Last week in my free FB community, Level Up Your Mom Life, we were chatting about incorporating more green foods into what we eat each week, so that’s where my mind went first.

But then I started thinking about the radio program I was listening to on the weekend and it was all about the environment and things we can do to create more green spaces to enjoy in urban areas and how often they are missing in community developments.

And next I thought about how I have to file my income tax return (argh!) and began to ponder financial wellbeing (people often refer to money as “green”).

Finally my mind settled on health and wellbeing and how the colour green is often associated with physical health.


And St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t too long ago and my ancestors are from Ireland so that was thrown into the mix in my brain too, lol!

It’s funny how a colour can have so many different things associated with it. And how important ALL those things are!

So here’s a few tips to support each of these:

1.  Green-Finance:  do you work with a budget to manage your household finances or do you wing it?  There’s no shame in not having a plan!  It can be hard to face your money situation sometimes and we might just subconsciously chose to ignore it and hope for the best (believe me, I’ve been there!).  This week, how about if you simply write down on a piece of paper what your monthly income is (estimate if it fluctuates).  Include all sources. Then, if you feel like it, you can come back to that number at the end of the month to see how accurate it was and maybe consider looking at your recurring monthly expenses next.

2.  Green-Environment:  do you use reusable shopping bags?  Many places are doing away with single-use plastics and shopping bags like the ones at the grocery stores are included.  If you don’t already use reusable bags, you can find some lovely ones (shameless artist promotion here… I have created a line of canvas tote bags with my art on them if you are interested. Just give me a shout and I’ll send you the info.)  I also use some big rectangular shopping totes/Rubbermaid bins. They stack nicely in my car.  Saying bye to single use bags will help the environment. It might seem like a small thing, but remember, those small things all add up!

3.  Green-Health and Wellness:  have you been making time to do something to support your own health and wellbeing lately?  When things get busy it is too often ourselves that get shoved to the end of the attention line, right?  One simple thing you can do to support your physical health this week is to make sure you are going to bed on time.  What’s on time?  It’s going to be different for everyone, but ideally setting yourself up for 7-9 hours of sleep will do you a world of good! See if you can get your household on board with you on this and start quieting things down a good 30-45 minutes before bedtime so you have a better chance of easing into a good sleep when you actually hit the pillow.

4.  Green-Food:  I shared a recipe for a green smoothie bowl (yes bowl) with my group last week which I’m sharing with you as well.  I hope you enjoy getting more greens into you!  It is quite yummy 🙂

Green Smoothie Bowl
(Makes 1 serving)
2 cups (60 g) spinach1 frozen banana½ cup (125 ml) unsweetened non-dairy milk½ avocado1 tbsp chia seeds
Ice (optional)Toppings of your choice.

Place all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend till smooth. If you want a thicker consistency, add ice.
Pour into bowl and add your fav toppings: fresh fruit and pecans work great!

So what do you think? Are you into greening things up a bit? Let me know by replying to this email (easy peasy) … and also let me know what you’re looking at in the list of green options!

Always from the heart,

PS – if you want to check out the online wellness coaching programs I’m offering to support women’s health and wellbeing, head on over to my website and click on The Real Life Reset System.  I’ve taking my group coaching program and have shifted it to be self study (you can still get private coaching with me!). I’ve also broken the full program into bundles covering specific topics so you can choose what is best for YOU!

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