Simple Stressbusters for Solo-Moms

A New Online Wellness Program – coming in August 2019!

“Solo-Mom…?  Don’t you mean single mom?

Nope – Here’s why:”

A Solo-Mom is a mom who is parenting her child/children pretty much on her own. This can be for a variety of reasons: she may be single, or separated or divorced; her partner may work away from home; she may be widowed; her partner may be unable to help parent due to illness; or her partner may simply not be interested in parenting, period.

When I first started writing my soon-to-be-launched online wellness program I had figured I’d created it for single moms. But as I wrote, researched, remembered, and fine-tuned the content I realized that I was largely drawing on my experience as a Solo Mom.

It’s true, I’ve been a single mom for a few years, but I was a Solo Mom for many years before that. I get how overwhelming it can be taking care of everything on your own. Through 17+ years of of being a Solo-Mom I’ve gained the experience & education to help others navigate through those out-of-control feelings that can wash over us during our #momlife.

Simple Stressbusters for Solo-Moms is a 6-week online program designed to help YOU take action to feel more calm, cool, & in control. We all want to be the best mom we can be… I’m here to help!

My very first launch of this program begins in August! I’m so excited to share this with all the amazing Solo-Moms looking for a way out of the overwhelm. IMG_4484 (2)

Contact me for more info & to chat to find out if I’m the right person to help you live a happier, healthier life & be the best version of You, so you can truly enjoy momhood!

We’re in this together!

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