Simple Stressbusters for Solo Moms

THIS is for all the Solo-Moms who are DONE with feeling Burnt-Out & Out-of-Control!!!

It’s time to say “NO MORE” to letting the chaos run the show.

In just 6 short weeks, feel CALM, CONFIDENT, & IN CONTROL of your #momlife, without having to completely rip your life apart or having to follow rigid rules.


In less than 2 months, I’ll share the tools needed to accomplish this.
Does it work?
HELL YA!!! I’m living proof of it.


You’re doing it all on your own. You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, cranky, feeling frantic & totally tired of not feeling organized or happy.

I’ve got 6 weeks of simple stressbusters to help transform your Solo Mom Life into what you’ve been dreaming it could be like. Life hacks to help you:

• Manage your busy schedule
• Support your energy levels & sleep
• Set goals & help you get there
• Make the most of every magical moment of momhood


Hi!  My name is Jennifer Greenwood.  I’m a Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and SOLO MOM!!!!  While I wasn’t always a single parent, I have been a Solo Mom from the get-go. Even before my son was born it became very apparent that I was on my own as far as parenting & homemaking went.  I had next to no support system to help me out save for an occasional visit from a family member and the local Mommy & Me groups.  To say that life was stressful is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  I had no experience with children prior to having my own family.  How did I get through it?  I was determined to make the best life possible for me & my kidlets.  It took me many many years to bring it all together.  I did a lot of self-studying via the library, I took classes when I was able to, I got creative… I made it happen despite the struggles.  My Solo Mom Life is what I always dreamed it could be now and I want to share the things I’ve learned on my journey so that YOU don’t have to waste years struggling and feeling exhausted & defeated.  I figure I was meant to travel this path so that I could help other Solo Moms create lives they truly LOVE.

This program is for YOU if:

  • You are frustrated with feeling like you are always in panic-mode

  • You dream of being calm and collected enough to enjoy time with your kidlets

  • You are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired

  • You have had enough of living in chaos

I’m Ready!


  • This program might not be for you if:

  • You feel like feeling run-down is just how Solo Mom life is

  • You don’t believe you deserve to be happy & healthy

  • You can’t ever see yourself making changes that would help you create a life you love


Just 6 Weeks!!!

Life with kids is BUSY, especially when you’re doing it on your own. I’ve broken it all down into bite-sized pieces that work in your Solo Mom reality.


When we’re done, you’re going to feel more in control, better able to handle what life throws your way, & much happier! You’ll get to enjoy your #solomomlife so much more!

I’ve lived through many of the struggles you are currently finding yourself in as a Solo Mom. I had to find my way on my own & it took me years of trial & error & training.


How will YOU benefit from Simple Stressbusters for Solo Moms???


  • Clearer Thinking & Better Focus

  • Create an environment where you can actually Wake Up Feeling RESTED

  • More Energy to do what you Have to do AND what you Want to do

  • Increased Self-Worth & an Improved Outlook on Life

  • Gain the ability to deal with Stress easier & actually get rid of a lot of Unnecessary Stressors

  • Implement tools to help you create a life where things flow easier & you are able to enjoy the time you have with your kids

I’m ready!


What we will cover in our 6 weeks together…


  • Attitude, Mindset & Moving Forward

  • Practical Time-Management & Setting Boundaries

  • Self-Care (for real!!!), Goalsetting & Visualization

  • Healthy Eating Habits that Solo Moms can Handle

  • Increasing Your Energy & Getting Physical

  • S L E E P


Value of the Training & Resources needed to Create this Program:

  • Wellness Coach Training $600
  • Yoga Teacher Training $2500
  • Mind Body Fitness Training $129
  • Fitness Nutrition Training $400
  • Anxiety & Trauma Training $250
  • Healthy Eating for Women Workshop $197
  • Literally Hundreds of Self-Study Hours…

Total Value of OVER $4000…


5 Day Sugar Challenge for Solo Moms (Value $189)
Simply Delicious Smoothie Recipes e-book (Value $25)
Food, Mood & Feel-Good Tracker (Value $12)
Total Value of Bonuses Included when you enroll:  OVER $200…


To celebrate the completion of my new online program & to welcome you to the community,

Simple Stressbusters for Solo Moms is being offered at just $297!!! 

That’s less than $50 a week for a life-transforming experience that will allow you to make doable changes so you can begin to Create A Life You LOVE!!!



Oh ya, I’m ready to start now!!!

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