Momma, Feed Your Brain!

The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Feed Your Brain

If there was ever a call for “digestive health,” this is it!

gut brain.pngYes, it’s true. Your gut is considered your “second brain.”

There is no denying it anymore.

And because of the new scientific discoveries about the vagus nerve, the enteric nervous system, and the amazing influence your gut microbes can have, it’s no wonder what you eat feeds not only your body but can directly affect your brain. Continue reading “Momma, Feed Your Brain!”

A Calorie is a Calorie… wait, what???

Common Weight Loss Myths …   XX   Busted   XX


Weight loss advice is so common (and contentious) now. There are competing opinions everywhere. And let me be the first to say that what works for one person may or may not work for another person. As I often share with my clients/students “we are all made from the same stuff, but we are all put together differently.”


I say, forget about “who’s right” and let’s focus on “what’s right.” Because what gets results is what I’m focusing on in this post. Continue reading “A Calorie is a Calorie… wait, what???”

What is Metabolism???

This word “metabolism” is thrown around a lot these days.

You know that if yours is too slow you might gain weight.  But what exactly does this all mean?

Well technically “metabolism” is the word to describe all of the biochemical reactions in your body.  It’s how you take in nutrients and oxygen and use them to fuel everything you do.

Your body has an incredible ability to grow, heal, and generally stay alive.  And without this amazing biochemistry you would not be possible. Continue reading “What is Metabolism???”

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