Setting Intentions… and the Power of Words

Do you set an intention for the new year? I’ve been choosing intentional words for several years now and this year my word is EASE

I’ve always believed in the power of the words we use and make a point of being very mindful both in how I speak to others and how I speak to myself. There’s a saying I’ve heard before that goes like “your body believes every word you say,” and over the years I’ve seen how true that can be.

Words of Intention that I’ve chosen in past years have been:

2018 – Abundance

2019 – Freedom

2020 – Fulfillment (hmmmmmm… that year’s a bit of a blur for me to be honest!)

2021 – Pivot

2022 – none.


As challenging as 2020 was for myself and many others, 2021 really ran me through the wringer and I felt so uncertain about how I felt about so many things that I didn’t feel a strong connection to any particular word or intention. Turns out, 2022 was my year of transformation so to speak. But not the grand type of transformation one would associate with a mythological Phoenix energy, more the dissolution and reformation energy of when the caterpillar cocoons itself and recreates itself through the chrysalis to emerge as a butterfly. Not necessarily the prettiest of processes but definitely transformative!

So I was a bit surprised when my word of intention for 2023 came to me so quickly!


There have been many (MANY) years of hustle and grind. A lot of years of processing. A great deal of healing in the past decade. And much learning and unlearning. Its been a lot. And I’m grateful for all of it. I’ve laid what I feel is a solid foundation for myself to build further from. But this year, I’m setting the intention that the building of my life and my work and my relationships can now move forward with more ease.

There will still be challenges and struggles I’m sure, however, I’m approaching everything with a softer energy. More flow and less force if you will.

And I know that the words I use and focus on are powerful.

If you’ve never given a lot of thought to setting intentions (and you don’t have to just do it at the beginning of a new year, you can do it anytime you like!) or if you’ve never really consider how the words you use affect yourself and others, I invite you to do so now.

“Where intention goes, energy flows.” ~ James Redfield

Always from the heart,


Affirmations, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, and Ditching that Daily Exhaustion

I strongly believe in the power of the words we use.

Affirmations are an amazing tool to use to help overcome Limiting Beliefs (which happens to be our current challenge in my free fb group for moms this week ) AND for helping us set & attain our goals!

In my wellness coaching work with moms in The Real Life Reset System, affirmations are introduced early on to help these moms achieve their goals (like ditching their daily exhaustion).

For instance, an affirmation of “I am Strong” can help a mom with her fitness goals or her emotional resilience.

I’ve gotten into the habit of choosing my words carefully and intentionally… when speaking, writing, or thinking.   I even wear my words!!! On my t-shirts, my jewelry, even my nutritional supplements!

Have you ever given thought to how your words affect your mindset & beliefs? Have you worked with affirmations before?

What is your “I Am” statement?

For the past couple days I’ve been working with “I Am… Grateful”

If you’d like more info on my online wellness program, The Real Life Reset System, that I’ve created for moms who are ready to ditch their daily exhaustion & level up their energy and focus, send me an email and we can book a free Mom Life Clarity Call to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Always from the heart,

PS – if you are looking for a supportive community of moms who are making positive changes to improve their health & wellbeing (and have some fun too!!!) please check out my free FB group here:  Level Up Your Mom Life

When did I know…?

Recently I was asked “When did you know you wanted to be a wellness coach?” Hmmm, well I’ve always loved helping others, both my grandmas taught me about herbs & healing, I’ve practiced yoga since I was 9 and realized at an early age how our bodies, minds, and emotions are connected and all play a part in our overall health… but WHEN did I know I wanted to do this as my vocation? It took me awhile to remember, I’ve been a yoga teacher for 6 years now, I’ve practiced various healing arts for much longer but the calling to tie my knowledge together as a wellness coach came just a couple years ago. What prompted me to do this was something I didn’t think much of at the time but having been asked the question I realize now how important it was.

I’d gone to a new studio to take a yoga class where the students didn’t know I was a teacher. It was a challenging class but there were all levels of students there including some beginners. As everyone was leaving, I overheard a mom say to her friend “I thought yoga would help me relax after dealing with the kids all day, but I really suck at it so I guess I can’t do it.”

I didn’t know her, and still being a relatively new teacher I didn’t feel confident in approaching her but now I wish I had. She absolutely could’ve done yoga to help her stress levels, to help strengthen & relax her body, but she hadn’t found the right class for her (she likely went along because her friend was going) and it discouraged her and made her feel as though she wasn’t good at it. I realized that as much as I could help my yoga students in class, there were many others who might not get to a class where we could connect. I realized that as a wellness coach, I might have the opportunity to help someone, like that mom, with mindset challenges & setting goals. That was my “when” moment!

Now as a yoga teacher, my students are very familiar with my insistence that “there is a form of yoga for everybody AND every body,” and I take the same approach towards my wellness coaching. There are basic foundations of wellness that we can put in place and build from, taking into consideration what someone’s goals are. I never want someone to feel like they can’t do it simply because they couldn’t do something they read about or that their friend did. I want everyone to realize that they can always take actions that will move them towards their wellness goals. Mindset matters!

We are all made from the same stuff, but we are each of us put together a bit differently.

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Permission To…

Make no mistake, being a mom is the BEST gig I’ve ever had. It’s also, without a doubt, the TOUGHEST gig I’ve ever had!


I never really know what each day in my mom-life is going to look like. I like to have a basic vision, but the reality is that stuff happens and just when I think I am totally rocking it something hits me from out of nowhere and I find myself floundering for a bit.  It’s never for very long, but honestly, in that moment it feels like FOREVER.


Maybe you can relate?  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  All I know is that every now and again I have to give myself Permission To…

  • Cry in the parking lot in my car (yes, that was me this week)
  • Go to bed early.
  • Feed the kids “emergency food” for dinner (meaning whatever is in the cupboard/fridge that doesn’t require cooking)
  • Call a friend who understands and just let it all out.
  • Eat comfort food for all 3 main meals in one day (that would be my baked potato meals, lol!)
  • Get into pj’s as soon I get home, curl up on the couch and do whatever work needs doing from my laptop there while watching/listening to a sappy movie.
  • Cuddle with Dharma (my most awesome kitty-cat!).


We don’t have to be PERFECT.  In fact, I have very strong views on the use and concept of the word PERFECT which I’ll share with you in a future blog-post.  Allow yourself to feel the feelings when things go awry – obviously try to do that in a way that is not super disruptive to work/school if at all possible, but let yourself experience them so you can process them.


I’d love to know how you cope when your mom-life feels like it is going off the rails.  There’s strength in sharing. Remember, we’re all in this together!


Always from the Heart

– Jennifer





That Turnaround Moment

Remember that time when…?

I sure do!  One of my biggest #momfails happened when my kids were quite young, maybe 4 & 6 years old.  It was just before Christmas.  I wasn’t allowed to spend much on Christmas (yes, I just said that… “not allowed”  and it still makes me cringe when I think about it, but that’s a story for another day!)  I’d been hoping we would all go to town as a family a couple days before Christmas, that the kids’ dad would distract them while I picked up the few gifts I’d wanted to give them and buy some special treats for our holiday dinner on the 25th.  I’d put all my eggs in that basket so to speak and I’ll give you one guess what happened – you got it!  My shopping trip for all of our seasonal celebration items was a bust.

Three days before Christmas we all got the flu – it was a rough one!  We were all violently ill for 48 hours.  I was able to get myself down to the drugstore and the dollar store in our village on Christmas Eve to get some stocking stuffers for the kids to enjoy in the morning, but our nice Christmas dinner was not going to happen.  We didn’t even have a tree so we cut a small one down off the edge of our yard and put some old decorations and pipe-cleaner ornaments on it.  (I still have those pipe-cleaner ornaments we made and the kids & I put them on our tree every year!)

I was upset with myself for not planning ahead.  I couldn’t believe I’d left everything to the last minute.  I was too ill and weak to do any baking for Christmas… not even shortbread cookies!  It wasn’t what I’d hoped for but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  The kids were so good about it too.  We’d always had very low-key holiday celebrations so it really wasn’t too different for them at that young age.  They were actually kind of stoked because they got to have pizza on Christmas which for a 4 & 6 year old was pretty cool, lol!  It all worked out, honestly, they only remember that they had pizza they don’t even remember being sick or just a few stocking stuffers. I played games with the kids, we watched our favourite Christmas shows, and we got cozy around the woodstove and enjoyed our Hot Cinnamons with marshmallows (like Hot Chocolate only made with cinnamon spice instead of cocoa).  I love my kids so much!  I’ve always been able to explain things to them and they are so understanding.  And above all, whatever happens, the three of us take time to find something to be grateful for when things are not going smoothly to help us keep our perspective.

So, how did the Mom who didn’t have anything really ready for Christmas move forward from all that?  Well, I made sure that I planned ahead the next year.  And the year after that.  And every year since!  NO WAY was I ever going to get caught up like that again. I literally create a Countdown to Christmas List every November. I not only make sure that I have as much ready as possible ahead of time (like by December 20th), but I also space it out over several weeks to help take the stress out of the season and to lessen the financial burden by spreading it out instead of doing it all in one go.  My list is my seasonal lifeline!  Out of my disastrous Christmas all those years ago, a brilliant, easy plan was formed and it serves me well every year.  Just call me the Christmas Phoenix who rose from the ashes – Merry & Bright!

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Take A Moment…

Let yourself feel how you feel. Don’t let it consume you, but allow yourself to process what’s going on. After awhile, hopefully, you can gain some insight into the experience.

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. Something unexpected happened with a work project that is near & dear to my heart & in the moment I was completely blindsided by the development (although in retrospect I should’ve seen the signs).

The person who is my my sounding board, my creativity cohort, & my biggest supporter is out of town, so I felt very alone & lost. My kids did their best to help me, but what had to happen was feeling all the feelings. It was exhausting & there were about a dozen things I really wanted to get accomplished, but instead I spent the day working through my thoughts & emotions as best I could. I ate comfort food (yes… it was potatoes! Lol!), I cried, I slept, I organized stuff-whatever I needed to do in that moment.

Today, I’m still fragile, but I’m up & about and working on one of my other favourite work projects.

Life is not always smooth sailing, we do the best we can. And if that means having a day where we hide at home so we can process our challenges then so be it. No judgement. Be gentle with yourselves.

We’re in this together. ✨💛✨

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