Feeling great can be a breeze...

“Small changes can have a huge impact on our well-being. Breeze Wellness strives to support people on their journey to wellness.”

Jennifer Greenwood

Founder, Breeze Wellness

Wellness Offerings

Yoga, Reflexology, Reiki, Wellness Coaching, & Nutritional Support

I’m here to support you on your OWN wellness journey!


Online Wellness Offerings

Striving to help you feel great wherever you may be!

I’m developing my online offerings to be able to assist you on your healing journey wherever in the world you may be…


Work With Me

Hi! I’m Jennifer Greenwood, founder of Breeze Wellness. I strive to help overwhelmed single moms (or moms who feel like they are doing it all on their own!) find their way to creating a happy, healthy life that allows them to be true to themselves.

My wellness offerings include: yoga, reflexology, reiki, wellness coaching, nutritional support, and meditation.

I believe that while we are all made of the same stuff, we are each put together a little differently. We must honour our true selves when we start moving to create a life we’ve always dreamed about and I work with others to help them find the best way there!

Love Notes

I so enjoy my time spent in Jen’s relaxing space, letting her work her magic. I am able to unwind and receive the unparalleled benefits of her Reiki and massage. Definitely a must for these busy feet!

Amanda L


I recently had my first reflexology and Reiki session with Jen and left feeling tranquil, balanced and rejuvenated. I was able to relax and fully enjoy my session, she exudes great energy, presence and aura.
She definitely has the touch and healing hands. I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Jen

Lisa A

Entrepreneur, BC

Breeze Wellness!!! This is a name that you need to remember and check out, sooner than later.
The environment is clean, inviting, comfortable, soothing and relaxing.
Jennifer is full of great energy, intuitive, professional and has magic in her hands.
Very affordable rates.
Look forward to my next visit.

Mandy F

Self-Employed, BC

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Breeze Wellness

Feeling great can be a breeze...

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